Our life at Floras Lake all came about because of a phone call from Will's friend in Oregon. Norm, whom Will had been windsurfing the Oregon coast with since his college days in the early 80's, phoned us in southern California to tell us about a great piece of property for sale on Floras Lake. "Hey," he said, "you guys should buy this property, build a bed and breakfast ~ and Will can open a windsurfing school."

I guess it's obvious we took his advice.  We moved to Bandon in the summer of 1989 and opened the B&B in July of 1991. We lived downstairs at the B&B for the first 5 years we were open, along with our then toddler Reed (born '90) and baby Josh (born '92). The opportunity arose for us in 1996 to move to a home very closeby, which made two things possible: Will could be closer to his school (it's down on the lake in front of our home) and, most importantly, our "boys could be boys" .

We still run the B&B, do breakfast every morning, etc.....but now have caretakers who live at the B&B, greet people for us and much more ~ Kelly & Shaun.

If you get a chance to visit Floras Lake, you'll see why we're here and why we have no plans to leave~

Will and Liz Brady
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B&B Home
photo: guest  Judy Erdelt
The Brady Bunch- December 2011
Josh, Will, Liz & Reed
Caretakers Past and Present !
Bruce & Pat - 1999-2003
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