Floras Lake House
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Windsurfing Lessons
Beginner ~ 3 hrs
~ $60 per person (4 student max.class)
Lesson includes equipment rental, wetsuit,booties, simulator and instruction.
Just bring your bathingsuit and a towel!

Beginner II ~ 3 hrs
~ $65
Beachstarts, longboard jibe, fast tack
Price includes equipment rental*, wetsuit and booties.

Intermediate ~ 3 hrs
~ $65
Harness, stance, higher wind
Price includes equipment rental*, wetsuit, booties and harness.

Intermediate II ~ 3 hrs
~ $65
Foot steering, footstraps, introduction to short board
Price includes equipment rental*, wetsuit, booties and harness.

Advanced ~ 3 hrs
~ $65
Price includes equipment rental*.

Advanced II ~ 3 hrs
~ $65
Jibe, stance, high wind shortboard
Price includes equipment rental*.

*Lesson prices include use of our equipment. Should Beginner II, Intermediate or Advanced lessons want to use their own equipment, deduct $25 from lesson price.*
Beginner lessons are typically scheduled for 10:00am in the mornings when the wind is lighter  (between Memorial Day and Labor Day we are open 7 days a week).  It is helpful to book ahead of time ~ even phoning one day in advance can be helpful.  At times wind conditions are  such that we can schedule lessons in the afternoons, as well.  

Intermediate and advanced lessons are best scheduled for the afternoons when the wind has picked up and are preferably booked in advance .
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Floras Lake House Bed & Breakfast