Please note:
Our season ends September 23rd
Limited lesson are available

iteboarding is one of the fastest growing sports around. Will has been kiteboarding on Floras Lake and the southern Oregon coast for the past 12 years. His 30 + years experience of windsurfing instruction includes 10 years of kiteboarding instruction.
Beginners get started flying a trainer kite on dry land to get the feel of flying and controlling the kite. From there, students learn to fly the kite in the water without a board, or "body-dragging". Once ready, the next step is getting on a board. There are several types of lessons available, depending on time you have available and/or prior kiteboarding experience.

We suggest booking your lesson 2-3 weeks in advance so we have a spot for you!

Kite Lesson Rates for 2014

1st Time Beach Lesson
15 min instruction & 3 hr trainer rental
$50 per person

Group Lessons:
*Land Course 9am-12pm
  • Individual (if no one else signs up) 2 hrs
  • Group (2-3 people) 3 hrs
  • $149 per person
Extra hour prices for Land Course - must be same session
Individual - $75 per hour
Group - $50 per hour each

*Water Course 1pm-4pm
  • Individual (if no one else signs up) 2 hrs
  • 2 people (max) 3 hrs
  • $199 per person**
Extra hour prices for Water Course -must be same session
Individual - $99 per hour -
Group - $69 per hour each
All lessons include jetski support & radio helmet.

Private Lessons:
w/ jetski support & radio helmet: $125 per hour**
**Using your own gear - take $15 off per hour

Rentals only (sorry, NO kite rentals):
Trainer kite $25 for 3 hrs
Board $25 for 3 hrs
Harness $20 for 3 hrs

We are very flexible in how your personal lesson is structured. We work with you according to YOUR pace and abilities. Our goal is the same as yours: to take you as far as possible!! Lessons are given by Andy Bolt, Will Brady or Reed Brady and available on Floras Lake only.
Lessons include wetsuit, harness, appropriate kite for conditions, kiteboard and watercraft support.

***Please email or phone in advance to check availability! Again, we suggest 2-3+weeks in advance.
Please Note: Because our instructors are on the water all day, the BEST way to contact for more information or to schedule a lesson is via email :
or phone (541) 348-9912 . Calls may not be returned until late afternoon/early evening.